Choosing The Right Movie For Any Occasion

Avoid a costly mistake!

Choosing The Right Movie For Any Occasion

There are so many awesome films showing at American Express Openair Cinemas. See what’s playing and when here.

While all of the films are great, you need to weigh up the occasion and who you’re with when choosing. Consider this a guide to selecting the right movie for any occasion.

Basically, we’re helping you avoid watching sexy scenes with your dad – awks!


A Date:

You can’t go wrong with a comedy, possibly a fun kids movie with adult jokes. It’ll show how fun you are!

Weed out a dud by taking them to a rom-com. It’ll show how keen they really are.

Or if you’re heading on a date with a boring accountant, think about injecting some life into your new relationship by scaring your date to death with a scary movie or thriller.

And you know what they say about horror movies and a date… You will either throw up or get lucky that night ;).

The Mountain Between Us trailer:





 A Girls Night:

What about something that gets you singing and dancing? You can’t go wrong with a cult classic/musical like ‘Grease’.

Sidenote: Hardcore RHPS lovers know all of the callouts. Before you start yelling out, look around and get a feel of the audience.


This is a good opportunity to ditch your partner and see a rom-com!



Mum Time:

Traditionally mums love dramas where the main character grows to become a better person and falls in love with an unlikely stranger while achieving all of their goals.

These movies fill her with false belief that you can do something great with your life:

 “Yes I could be successful in my career, buy a house and fall in love with a nice man but I can’t do any of that while sitting at home, alone on the couch with a large pizza and bottle of wine."

Battle of the Sexes trailer:





 Dad Time:

Dads love explosions even if you don’t. Chances are, if you’re out with your dad, the day isn’t about you. There are a few action movies out at the moment – some with more explosions than others.


A doco. Depending on what you go with, your dad might lecture you after the movie because dads are experts in every field, even if it’s the first time they’ve heard about that particular field.

Blade Runner 2049 trailer:




With kids:

Whether they’re your own or you’re babysitting, you can’t go wrong with a modern kids movie. These days, they’re packed with jokes for adults so they’re entertaining for you and the little ones.

Captain Underpants trailer:





We hope that helps! Book ASAP because sessions sell out quickly!

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