Big Bubba Tips Scales At Hefty 6kg

Brian Junior Towers Over Other Newborns

Big Bubba Tips Scales At Hefty 6kg

Pic Credit: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

Here's a story that's sure to make you squirm, a baby weighing a little over 6 kilos has been welcomed into the world via a natural birth.

Brian Junior is double the size of other newborns and could well be Victoria’s biggest baby and is squeezing into size 0 outfits.

Proud mum Natashia Corrigan told 7 News, “I dreamed of a little fat baby".


“I’ve always wanted a little fat baby and now I’ve got a big baby.”

Her partner Brian Liddle told 7News the birth was “a bit scary” but everybody was fine.

Brian Junior is a kilo heavier than the family's last child. The couple has two other children.