Vigil For Irishman Cancelled After Criminal Past Revealed

Man convicted of sex offences in Bendigo

Vigil For Irishman Cancelled After Criminal Past Revealed

A homelessness advocacy group in Ireland has cancelled a vigil for a man found dead in a Dublin street after his past as a convicted sex offender was uncovered.


The Irish Sun reports Stephen 'Jack' Watson, 51, died in a Dublin city street on August 31st sparking outrage over the country's rough sleeper crisis.

That outrage turned to shock when members of the Dublin homeless community found out about Watson's past in Victoria.

Watson, who was also known as Shane or Jack Steele, was convicted in Bendigo County Court for indecently assaulting two girls under the age of 16 in 2008.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Watson was also found guilty of "recklessley putting someone at risk of contracting a notifiable condition" when the court heard a woman had contracted HIV.

In total, he'd amassed 40 convictions during his 19 year residency in Australia - causing his deportation to Ireland in October 2015.

Australian relatives of Watson have told the Irish Times they were unaware of his criminal past and only found out he was in Ireland after he died last week.

Rough sleeper activist group Home Sweet Home cancelled a vigil for homeless people planned in Dublin city tonight following the disturbing revelations, posting a statement to its Facebook page the move was out of "respect for his victims."