In Case of Emergency

Are you this person?

In Case of Emergency

The car you drive (hopefully) has a spare tyre, you’ve probably got a savings account labelled ‘for a rainy day’ and some of us even carry a spare toothbrush around in their handbag… Or maybe that’s just me.

But what about a fully-fledged emergency of the stomach. The feeling you get when you’ve skipped breakfast and you’re waiting to take advantage of the catering at your lunchtime meeting.





Foodergencies, or Food Emergencies as we (literally just started to) call them are real. How do we know this? Look no further than your bottom desk-drawer or the communal pantry in the work kitchen.

Apparently there are quite a few culprits in our workplace. 



Our research and a quick snoop around the sales areas suggests the most popular foodergency items were

  1. Canned Tuna (clear winner)
  2. Muesli Bars
  3. Dry Biscuits

Non-perishable pantry items are certainly recommended over fresh fruit and anything that needs refrigerating.

Whilst our colleagues are clearly tuna-obsessed hoarders, Twitter users have shared pictures of their own office food stashes. 




Surely these people have locks on their drawers! 

BRB... Just going to the supermarket to stock up!