Assisted Dying Laws An Election Issue In Bendigo East

Opinion poll shows initial support

Assisted Dying Laws An Election Issue In Bendigo East

An anti-euthanasia group has commissioned a survey to see how Victorians in 6 marginal electorates feel about the Andrews Labor Government's assisted dying laws.


HOPE is an organisation against legalising voluntary euthanasia. 

In an opinion poll done by marketing group Sexton, 1200 Victorians from marginal seats were questioned over their support last month.

Labor is in office at most seats surveyed, like Bendigo East held by Jacinta Allan.

Ripon, covering Maryborough and surrounding towns, was also polled. It's held by Liberal MP Louise Staley.

News Corp has received the opinion poll results, reporting support for the assisted dying agenda's initially got the thumbs up by 70% of Victorians.

Broken down into political parties, Labor voters' support for voluntary euthanasia is at 77%.

Liberal voters' approval is lower at 67% and it's least popular among Nationals followers at 55%.

However, those numbers trended downwards when other issues surrounding the legalisation of assisted dying were brought up.

Those hot topics, like a so-called "normalisation of suicide", could prove to be the focus of political campaigns to unseat Labor politicians as we get closer to next year's State election.

The voluntary euthanasia bill has already been looked over by a ministerial advisory panel, with over 60 recommendations taken up by Premier Daniel Andrews.

It's expected to be tabled in Parliament later this year.