Women Outraged Over Adelaide Gym's Facebook Post

"Unfit, unattractive, worthless "

Women Outraged Over Adelaide Gym's Facebook Post

Local gym HTFU (Harden The Fat Up) Fitness Adelaide has come under fire for a Facebook post about their 21-day program. 

In it, the gym starts off "LET ME GUESS LADIES ❓❓❓Some of you feel unfit, unattractive, self conscious & worthless...especially when standing in front of the mirror naked..

"Some of you feel embarrassed & ashamed getting naked in front of your partner...

"Some of you are sick & tired of picking outfits that hide fat..."

They go on to claim "We understand you!!"

It's all part of an attempt to get people signed up to their 21-day transformation starter pack but has instead attracted plenty of hate in the comments.

"Worthless? Ashamed? Unattractive? What a disgusting way to advertise to women. You should be ashamed," one woman wrote.

While a man commented, "As an advertising copywriter, I have to say this is one of the WORST social media posts I've ever seen. You appear to have given very little thought or any understanding as to why someone chooses to go to a gym and motivate themselves to work out regularly."

Another comment suggested they've lost this potential customer - "I'm glad you let your gym culture show through this post. Now I know where not to go!"

But it wasn't all hate for HTFU, some are in support of their language choices. 

"Farr too many snowflakes in this world. If some women feel that THEY need to lose weight, good on them. No need to apologize HTFU," one wrote. 

"Wow the world has gone mad. People get offended over everything these days 🤦‍♀️"

HTFU have since released a comment saying they make no apologies.

"Hey everyone, Thanks for your comments as we appreciate all feedback good, bad & ugly.. However the only thing we would change is the first paragraph as we should have said “Some of you feel...” as not all women feel this way."

Check out the rest of the comment below.

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