South Australia Needs More Foster Carers

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South Australia Needs More Foster Carers Anglicare

Fresh calls today for more foster carers in SA.

The number of South Aussie kids in "out of home" care has surged by 98% in the past decade giving us the highest percentage of children residing in non-family based care. 

Anglicare have partnered with the State Government to launch this new campaign called "moments that matter".

It's aimed at trying to attract families to help meet the growing demand for carers.

Peter Sandeman from Anglicare says "we now have 3,300 children in out of home care and too many of them are in residential care, they need families to support them".

Anglicare is keen to speak to any families who would consider opening up their homes to vulnerable and young people, saying "we don't simply want mum and dad and two kids and the volvo and the labrador".

"Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we want a diverse range of foster carers as well" Sandeman says.

If you or someone you know is interested head to the link for more information.