South Aussies Hand In 20 Guns A Day

The Fed Gov's Amnesty Is Working

South Aussies Hand In 20 Guns A Day

That gun amnesty announced by Canberra in July is getting results.

More than 20 guns a day have been handed into authorities in SA alone, over the past month.

While 700 were forfeited in the first month.

That's compared to 5,000 in New South Wales and 3,500 in Queensland.

Across Australia, 12,500 guns have been handed in with weapons including revolvers, assault riffles and sub-machine guns.

According to the 'Tiser, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimates there are more than 260,000 firearms in the illicit market.

The amnesty will run til September 30 with designated drop off points available for those who want to make a deposit without fear of prosecution.