Ride Owners Fined Over 8 Y.O Death But Won't Have To Pay

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Ride Owners Fined Over 8 Y.O Death But Won't Have To Pay

Owners of the AIRMAX 360 - a ride that an 8 year old girl was thrown from and killed in 2014 have been notionally fined but won't have to pay.

Queensland company C J and Sons Amusements were fined $94,500 and Company Director Jenny-Lee Sullivan $63,000 in court today.

That's after they admitted to breaching safety laws.

But because they already owe more than $1 million in debts, the Magistrate has said they don't have the capacity to pay.

Adelene Leong was on holiday from Malaysia when she was flung off the ride at the Royal Adelaide Show as her mum watched on.

It's been found that the company allowed showgoers to ride the AIRMAX 360 despite complaints and injuries months earlier at shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Records of head, neck and chest injuries were never written in a log book.

If they were, authorities may've been able to step in earlier.

The machine's been sold to a British firm and will never be used in Australia again due to workplace bans.

Investigators found Adelene's seatbelt was fastened and the harness remained secured after the seatbelt released.