Servo Bans Reusable Coffee Cups

More than 100 outlets

Servo Bans Reusable Coffee Cups

South Australian service station company On The Run have banned the use of reusable coffee cups.

They say it's a 'food safety risk' to bring your own if they're dirty or contaminated with mould or bacteria.

More than a 100 outlets will continue to use disposable cups that mostly end up in landfill, difficult to recycle.

Environment groups are calling on the Government to step in and stop the ban, this World Environment Day.

It comes as other cafes offer discounts and incentives to those who BYO.

Elementary Coffee on Young Street in the City even have biodegradable throw away cups.


An OTR spokesperson has released a statement saying they've been interested in researching reusable cups for many years.

We’ve had entire projects searching for the best reusable coffee flasks, and have sold them in store. As we – along with many of our customers – have become aware of the problem of disposable coffee cups on the environment. We care about this problem, so it was not easy to decide that our food-grade (but disposable) coffee cups were the only ones we feel sure about serving our coffee and tea in. We have had many incidents of customers bringing in dirty, unhygienic, contaminated cups, more recently we had an incident where a customer brought a cup in that was contaminated with a heavy metal. We realised that there are other more common potential health risks in us serving coffee into cups that we can’t guarantee are clean and ready to use. Some people are particularly sensitive to this kind of risk, and they are our customers too. It is difficult for us to accommodate washing cups. There are bound to be solutions to this, but for now we have decided to serve coffee in our cups only. It’s heartening that so many people feel strongly about this. We will continue investigating better solutions to a sustainable, high quality offer.

- OTR spokesperson