Harbour Town Shopping Outlet Is Now Offering Free Nanny Services!

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Harbour Town Shopping Outlet Is Now Offering Free Nanny Services! Harbour Town Instagram

Need to have a proper shopping day without having to worry about the kids? In celebration of Mother’s Day, Harbour Town is offering a pretty sweet deal.

How great is to stroll around the shops, taking your time to try on outfits, compare prices, have wonder.

Or maybe you are short on time and like to have a quick trip; in and out you go with whatever it is you needed.

We all know that both of those things are almost impossible to do with kids.

How selfish are those little a-holes?

To help parents out a little, Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is offering a free nanny service from now up until Sunday, May 13th.


“Customers will be able to access a FREE nanny service for a maximum of 2 hours, 4 hours per week, at Harbour Town Adelaide, so they can do just that and enjoy 2 hours to focus just on themselves.

"Children up to 10 years of age will be accepted to the Outlet Nanny Service or 12 years old if booked in with a sibling under 10 years old.”

The nanny services are run by The Hessel Group and are located at the Southern Mall Entrance and bookings are available!


May 2nd - May 13th


Wednesday - Saturday, 10am to 3pm

Sundays & Public Holidays, 11am to 4pm

Find more information here!

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