City Of Adelaide Is Offering New Live Music & Culture Businesses $2K - $5K Grants!

Applications are open!

City Of Adelaide Is Offering New Live Music & Culture Businesses $2K - $5K Grants!

If you’re running a live music enterprise, a new music venture which promotes live music in the City, or need to help fund promoting and marketing for a culture project, we have some good news for you!

The City of Adelaide is currently accepting applications for two arts and culture grants. Check it out:

Live Music Enterprise Grants - Open 12 January - 2 March 2018

"Funding will be provided for live music enterprises and new music ventures which increase opportunities for musicians to play in City venues and in the public realm and contribute to the City as a welcoming and dynamic place for people to live, work and visit. Funding may also be provided to support the development of a live music venture or start-up.

What type of project might be funded?

"Festivals, live music performances and new music ventures of all genres. We are seeking applications from live music small to medium enterprises and early career entrepreneurs to start-up and trial new music ventures." 

Cultural Promotion Grants - Open 12 January - 2 March 2018

"Funding will be provided for marketing and promotions to showcase cultural activities of all modalities that surprise, delight and attract people to the City. The fund has been developed specifically to enable cultural enterprises to thrive and to promote activities and cultural enterprise."

What type of project might be funded?

"Promotional and marketing activities for arts and cultural projects, festivals, performances, events, exhibitions, public art or workshops that include any modality of creative output including theatre, music, dance, food, visual arts, original film and writing. The grant can be utilised for the purchase of marketing and promotional goods and services including social media boosting, film development, website development, photography and media engagement."

Find out more about the program, including if you’re eligible to apply and how, here!

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