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5 Chilling Locations In South Australia That Are Believed To Be Haunted!

South Australian Horror Story...

5 Chilling Locations In South Australia That Are Believed To Be Haunted!

It’s no secret that us humans love spooky ghost stories, twisted murder mysteries and overall scary sh*t.

But did you know there are places in our own backyard here in South Australia that are supposedly riddled with paranormal spirits?

Take a look at just five of the most chilling locations in our state that you and your mates can visit… and perhaps also experience an encounter with a chilling ghost! 

1. Old Tailem Town

Old Tailem is supposed to be the most ghost haunted town in the state. With some buildings dating back to the 1890s, seven deaths associated with the property itself and a few creepy interactions caught on camera. This town seems to be living up to it’s reputation. 

Tour: Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons  


2. Port Adelaide 

Port Adelaide is home to a string of creepy stories and a history of brutal deaths. 

Perhaps most chilling is a story dating back to 1944, when the body of a Chinese sailor was found floating in Port River wrapped in a hessian sack, with three nails in his head. 

Tour: Ghost Crime Tours  


3. Adelaide Arcade

You may already know about this one because Adelaide Arcade is said to be the most haunted building in the CBD. 

Stories include the mother who smothered her child to death with a pillow who now haunts the arcade, as well as the alley where Florence Horton was murdered by her husband.  

The abandoned Old Tea Room which lies beneath the Arcade is also said to be super spooky! 

Tour: Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons   



4. The Z Ward Asylum at Glenside Hospital 

This Z Ward in the hospital, constructed in 1885 and later shut down in 1973, housed South Australia's most violent and ‘criminally insane’ patients.  

All these years later, people now visit, curious to experience a paranormal encounter. Labeled the 'scariest' tour in South Australia, even the most sceptical have had their minds changed exploring this building!  

Tour: Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons   

5. The Dotti store

What is now the Dotti store at Rundle Mall, used to be a Youthworks where our very own Mayor Hease worked back in the day. 

Mr Hease revealed to Adelaide Now that in 1998, he and his manager could hear someone with heels walking across the concrete floor upstairs above them.   

“They walked across the floor and walked down the wooden staircase at the back and you could hear them coming down the stairs.   

“And I kid you not, we were working away unpacking these boxes, and then all of a sudden it was like someone was walking along running their fingers through the coathangers because they started moving.”  

Earlier this year, the Mayor asked some Dotti employees if they’d ever had any strange experiences and the staff were quick to mention 'the woman with the heels'!


Have YOU have any haunted encounters in South Australia?  

Share your stories in our Facebook comments! 

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