Five Sia Songs That Will Get You Through Anything

We love her!

Five Sia Songs That Will Get You Through Anything

Image: @siathisisacting Instagram

Although Sia has had hits on the charts over the last few years, what most people probably don't realise is that she has been making beautiful music here in Australia for decades!


There's are so many songs of hers that are still sitting on our playlist from a very long time ago because no matter what mood we're in, Sia always makes us feel great!

So we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and see what songs of hers you should have ready for any occasion.

P.S Sia's face is visible in a few of these videos too so there's that too...

1. When You're Feeling Happy As A Clam

'Clap Your Hands' was released over 7 years ago on Sia's album We Are Born and OMG, the music video is brilliant!

2. When You're Thankful For What Puberty Did For You

We all thought we looked a bit awkward when we were kids and Sia's track 'You've Changed' celebrates how fabulous we all really are.

SLAY, guys!

3. When You're Way Too Busy Daydreaming About Beautiful Things

'Soon We'll Be Found' is an amazing song, but what's even more amazing is that Sia sings in sign language for the music video!

4. When You Just Really Need A Good Cry

'Breathe Me' is fabulous! We're not crying, you're crying!

5. When You Just REALLY Need A Good Dance

'Move Your Body' is just so fun, isn't it? the energy is infectious!

BONUS: When You Feel Like Only Sharon Gets You...


Never forget that Sia dressed up as Sharon from Kath & Kim.

We love you, Sia!