More Sex Can Lead To Better Brain Function

Thanks Oxford University

More Sex Can Lead To Better Brain Function

It's official. If you're over 50, frequent sex can lead to better brain function.

Don't take it from us, take it from none other than Oxford University. That's right, THE Oxford University.

They've released a paper today called Frequent Sexual Activity Predicts Specific Cognitive Abilities in Older Adults, and it's pretty obvious, even from the title, that getting it on can help with certain functions of the brain.

The document was WAY too technical for our feeble minds, so we went straight to the conclusion.


The current study demonstrates that older men and women who engage in regular SA have better cognitive functioning than those who do not engage in SA, or do so infrequently.

- Hayley Wright, Rebecca A. Jenks, Nele Demeyere


If that's not an excuse for a bit more afternoon delight, we don't know what is (even if you're not 50 yet ;)

Written by: @dantheinternut