Nutty Nutrition: How Many Nuts In One Serve?

Are you overdoing it?

Nutty Nutrition: How Many Nuts In One Serve?

Ever wondered how many nuts you should be eating to help you achieve your body goals? Our fitness experts the BUF Girls to the rescue! 

Nuts are a nutrient dense food and naturally low in sugar – that means a small handful a day can help supercharge your health and body shaping results, but they’re so delicious that it can be easy to overdo it! 

Just like people, every kind of nut has a unique energy value and nutrient profile, so we asked our fitness experts the BUF Girls to help us figure out how many nuts are in the perfect serve and how they can boost your health.



Serve = 20

Benefits = rich in fibre, healthy fats and also vitamin E, almonds are great for your skin and excellent for controlling blood glucose levels, which makes them perfect for maintaining energy.

Best for = great skin seekers and those with insulin resistance or rollercoasting energy levels


Brazil Nuts

Serve = 10

Benefits = rich in selenium, a vital mineral and antioxidant that can enhance mood, strengthen hair and nails

Best for = those days when you just don’t feel yourself and need a mood and focus boost!



Serve = 15

Benefits = the highest nut in plant iron and super yummy too ;)

Best for = great snack for vegetarians when mixed with vitamin C rich foods such as cherry tomatoes, citrus fruits, kiwis, apricots or berries. Also great for helping gym junkies recover from their sessions!



Serve = 4

Benefits = super low in fat for a nut, but unlike other nuts contain low GI slow release carbs for increased energy and contain vitamin C too for an immunity boost

Best for = Paleo foodies or those with gluten intolerance can use chestnut flour as a great gluten-free alternative



Serve = 20

Benefits = high in fibre and B-group vitamins plus the stripy brown skins are rich in antioxidants.

Best for = a digestive boost and increased energy



Serve = 15

Benefits = full of healthy monounsaturated fats that lower cholesterol and improve heart health

Best for = Keeping your heart happy and filling you up



Serve = 15

Benefits = super yummy and also great for cholesterol lowering, pecans also contain metabolism loving thiamin

Best for = helping the body convert carbohydrates into energy for the body to utilise


Pine nuts

Serve = 2 tablespoons

Benefits = pine nuts contain plenty of skin-loving zinc and are also rich in vitamin E and contain niacin and manganese. They were also once rumoured to be a potent aphrodisiac!

Best for = helping out with problem skin and maybe even boosting libido ;)



Serve = 30

Benefits = contains muscle-building protein and the gorgeous green and purple colour means colourful carotenoids good for vision.

Best for = improved performance – perfect your PB



Serve = 9 walnut halves

Benefits = loaded with plant omega-3 fats that are great for your heart and brain

Best for = controlling cholesterol, protecting your heart and nourishing your brain


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