2DayFM's Secret Sound

2DayFM's Secret Sound

2DayFM's Secret Sound

Jessica from Campbelltown already won herself $86,000 with 2DayFM's Secret Sound and now we have a brand new sound and a brand new stack of cash to win!

Take a moment….and remember…this sound… as 2DayFM’s Secret Sound is BACK and worth a massive $61,000!

Play every morning with 2DayFM Breakfast with Grant Denyer & Ed Kavalee, and all day while you work!

Guess away and you could pocket $61K!

Terms and conditions 

Incorrect guesses:

- When you put the paper in a hole punch and you put the hole punch down

- When you have a bowl of slime and you put your hand in the slime and take your hand out

- A piece of paper comes from the tray into the printer

- A mega hole punch

- Pushing a self inking rubber stamp

- Closing a printer draw

- Swiping an old credit card machine 

- Central locking on the car all at once

- Pulling the lid off a tin of tennis balls

- Press the button in the middle of the game trouble to roll the dice

- Opening a briefcase

- A hole punch 

- Squeezing an empty dishwasher liquid bottle and the air goes in and out 

- Opening a car door

- Closing the child safety gates

- Hitting an air hockey puck into the hole and it drops

- Taking a new line on a type writer and the carriage moves

- Putting plastic bottles into the recycling bin'

- Leaver blade that cuts paper

- Stamping an office stamp

- A push down bottle opener

- The sound of a pricing sticker gun

- Turning a rotary wheel on a telephone

- Opening a glove box 

- Opening a double dead locked door

- Release a coffee pod, when you lift the leaver and drop it in

- Huge of wood dropping from a few metres high (wood is hollow)

- Using a guillotine to chop paper

- A self inking stamp getting pushed down

- Hanging up an old handset phone

- Closing a bin with the foot pedal 

- Foosball when the soccer man hits the ball

- turning a door handle

- A binding machine 

- A Staple Gun 

- Latch on a car door

- Someone trying to resolve a rubik cube 

- Automatic drink cup dispenser 

Flicking a spring door stop

- A drink dropping in a vending machine

- Closing a door

- Making a badge with a badge making machine

- Opening a microwave door

- Opening an emergency exit door

- Throwing an empty drink can into the bin

- Starting a motorbike

- A Stapler

- Opening a cupboard door

- Pushing down a fruit corer

- Swiping a credit card on an old manual credit card machine

- Punching a card on/off work on an old punchcard machine

- Pushing a turnstile and walking through

- Pulling a petrol pump off the bowser

- The lid of a rice cooker opening

- An empty toilet roll that is on a metal toilet roll holder

- Putting a bottle into a recycling selling machine

- Peeling the lid off a plastic bucket

- Launching a pin ball 

- Firing a nail gun 

- The hydrolics in an office chair

- Putting a lid on a bottle with a bottle top machine 

- A drinks coming out of a vending machine

- Pulling an releasing the latch on a pinball machine 

- A bowling ball returning up the shoot

- Cassette tape door closing 

- Putting a cordless home phone in the charger

- Putting the lid on a disposable coffee cup

- Opening a jar

- Loading a stapler

- Opening and closing a door