Hughesy & Kate's Never Ending Snorey

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Hughesy & Kate's Never Ending Snorey

Never Ending Snorey is back!

Never Ending Snorey is where we play three different snores for a contestant and they need to work out which snore is an adult's, a child's or an animal's! If the contestant gets all three correct, they win $500... otherwise, it jackpots to the next time we play.

We're looking for snores AND contestants.

So if you know a snorer, pick up your phone, record it and send it into Hughesy & Kate and you could score yourself $100 just for helping us out. The snorer could be an adult, child or an animal - we just want to hear them!
All you need to do is click the "SUBMIT YOUR SNORES" link below.

We're also looking for people to play, so if you want to be a contestant, click the "BE A CONTESTANT" link.

It's that easy!

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