Paul and Woody's Shore of Origin

Paul and Woody's Shore of Origin

We all know Paul and Woody bicker like an old married couple, but when it comes to the pride of their shore, they really mean it!

Paul is an advocate for everything on the West; 24 K-mart, Northgate, the CBD and Salamanca!

Woody loves the sunny side; it's easier to get a tan, there's better beaches and don't forget all the sporting action at Blundstone Arena!

The battle is on!

Join Paul and Woody every morning from 8am for your chance to play Shore of Origin and you could score $100!

It's East Versus West in a best of 3 trivia game all about Hobart and what's happening around the world!

The winner not only scores the cashola, they pick up bragging rights for their entire shore... pressure is on!!