Jimmy&Nath's Roadtest

Check out the latest Harvey Norman tech

Jimmy&Nath's Roadtest

We’re checking out the latest tech from Harvey Norman.

This month it’s the new FitBit Versa which offers you personalised insights to help you work towards your fitness goals, while reaming a stylish and comfortable watch that you'll want to wear all day. 


Check out some of the Key Features of the FitBit Versa! 

Bespoke Tracking

The Fitbit Versa offers over 15 exercise modes based on your personal workout routine, letting you gain an insight to your fitness level. It also has a Purepulse heart rate system for continuously monitoring your heart rate, sleep patterns, steps, and distance covered.

Smart Alerts

Your Fitbit Versa helps to make your fitness tracking a less detached experience thanks to the ability to receive calls, texts, and alerts from your mobile device*, as well as enough storage for over 300 songs for you to enjoy on the go.

Wireless Life

An NFC chip within the Fitbit Versa enables you to make wireless, wallet free payments using the credit card information you have stored within your watch. Your Versa can also wirelessly sync with a huge array of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Dynamic Cycle Prediction

This Fitbit Versa’s Female Health tracking feature** uses a smart prediction algorithm, giving you an estimate of your upcoming ovulation and menstrual windows. Simply log your period to get dynamic predictions for your next menstrual cycle.

Track Cycle Trends

Using the Fitbit Versa’s calendar tab**, you can conveniently view past recorded menstrual flow and upcoming predicted period dates on one simple interface to discover patterns in cycle length and menstruation and ovulation windows.

Smart Health Monitoring

Record your symptoms such as cramps, acne, headaches, and more on the Fitbit Versa’s Fitbit app** and compare it to your other health stats like weight, sleep, or exercise routines, so you can easily get an overview of your current health condition.

*On select devices when phone is nearby.
**via the Fitbit app. Download required. Available on iOS & Android.