Jimmy & Nath's Antarctic Adventure

Win your way to Antarctica

Jimmy & Nath's Antarctic Adventure

Jimmy & Nath’s Antarctic Adventure is the most unique day trip you’ll ever have… a scenic flight of Antarctica departing from Hobart!!

Antarctic Flights will fly you over the jaw droppingly beautiful Antarctic region. See endless mountain ranges, mesmerizing ice formations and unique scenery in the world. Returning direct to Hobart.

Win your way to our Hit 100.9 Snow Storm with Hit's Jimmy & Nath for Breakfast or Mason and Nicole during the Workday! 

Everyone placed onto the standby list will get to attend our Hit 100.9 Snow Storm where we’ll be drawing one lucky winner to receive the experience of a lifetime….

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Whilst we will be over the Antarctica Treaty area for around 4 hours, approximately 2½ - 3 hours will be spent flying over the Antarctic continent.

In planning our route, considerable time is taken to select the most spectacular area of Antarctica within aircrafts range. The selected area will be chosen from 19 different flight plans,taking into account:

  • Maximum viewing potential from both sides of the aircraft
  • Maximum penetration over Antarctica
  • Maximum variety in land mass scenery, including high mountains, glaciers, ice plateau and coastline
  • The best possibility for viewing should weather conditions be adverse