Joyce Mayne Hottie

Joyce Mayne Hottie

Each month Hamish & Paris take a look at some of the hottest new products thanks to Joyce Mayne Toowoomba, and you could be walking away with this months Hottie just by registering below. 


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This month's Hottie: Lenovo Laptop


Key Features:


Solid state hard drive (SSD), meaning everything boots up instantly with a fraction the loading time of traditional hard drives.
SSD’s have no moving parts, which also means no overheating, and longer battery life too.
Core i5 8th generation processor, which is the V8 of processors – reviews state that it’s even faster than the core i7 7th gen
(top of the previous range) processor.
It has a 15.6” matte screen which means you won’t see glare if you open a window behind you, but will still have a crisp high quality screen to
view your photos on.
It has a huge 8 gigs of ram meaning you can do all the multi-tasking you like.. facebook while listening to tunes while skype-ing while surfing the
web whilst doing your work spreadsheets.


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