Ryan & Tanya's Sneaky Mexicans

Find our Sneaky Mexicans!

Ryan & Tanya's Sneaky Mexicans

They’re out there, lurking, playing their violins, trumpets and small guitars. You can hear them, you can see them on Facebook Live, but can you find the Sneaky Mexicans? 


Ryan & Tanya have let their Sneaky Mexican band of two out onto the streets of Canberra. It’s your job to keep an eye on Facebook  for the Live stream through breakfast and the workday, deduce from the on-air clues where they are, then high tail it down there! The first person to dance around their Mexican hat will win a month’s supply of Zambrero goodness PLUS a ticket for themselves and a +1 to Ryan & Tnaya's Mexican Party and Kokomos AND a place in the draw to win a trip for 2 to Cancun for a week!


We will be searching for Ryan & Tanya’s Sneaky Mexicans for a couple of weeks, eventually putting 27 lucky winners into the draw to win the trip drawn by Ryan & Tanya and featuring 1 last appearance from the Sneaky Mexicans when they turn up on our winner’s doorstep to deliver the news!

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