Want to play in Stav, Abby & Matt's Could Have Been Legends Footy Game?!

Want to play in Stav, Abby & Matt's Could Have Been Legends Footy Game?!

He should know by now that if he makes a big statement on air, Stav & Abby will call him out on it.. but has he gone too far this time!

Matty has claimed that he could have been a legend at Rugby League had he not chosen the radio life, and now the guys have put him to the test to see if he can walk the walk!

Thanks to the awesome team at Your Local Fruit Shop, the "Could have been legends footy match" has gone from an idea to reality, and over the next few weeks we will be locking everything in for the massive match! Tune in to Stav, Abby & Matt every morning from 6am to find out all the details!

But, if your thinking that you - like Matty - could have been a legend of the game if certain events hadn't transpired, then we want you to play in the game! Simply answer the questions below and we could be giving you the call up that you always dreamt of!

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