Win $10K everyday & $50k on Friday!

Win $10K everyday & $50k on Friday!

You could win $10K everyday & $50k on Friday with Amos Cat & Angus!

All you need to do to win is answer ten simple questions in thirty seconds.

We'll give you a nominated letter, and every answer must begin with that letter. You can't use the same answer twice!

You'll get $50 per correct answer, get all ten correct - and you could win $10K or $50K on Fridays! 

It only takes 30 seconds to win! Play every morning at 8!

Whether you’re moving house, starting a family, dreaming of an overseas holiday or renovating your home, $10,000 is a life-changing amount of money to get your hands on. Let alone $50,000 on RNB Fridays!

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Hey parents - do you and your kids play along with Alphabucks every morning?

Well, now you you put your kids on the air so that you can win $10K together! Every child who participates on air will receive a $100 voucher to spend on toys!

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