The Best Local Fishing Spots To Take The Fam This Summer

Time for a family outing!

The Best Local Fishing Spots To Take The Fam This Summer

It's summer time, which means you can chill some sandwiches and Pasito's on ice in the esky and head out on a fishing adventure! 

Some people fish for the peace and quiet, and don't mind if there's never anything biting, but for the rest of you, this is where you can hook a fish this summer in North Queensland. 


Offshore fishing will see you catch reef fish, especially if you're on the reef edges around Hinchinbrook and Orpheus Island. 

Fishing experts say those trips should see you landing some Coral Trout in the boat. 

If you're not wanting to be too far from home Orchard Rocks, and Liver Point off Maggie Island will be great reef fishing. 

Land fishing in Townsville will get Mangrove Jack, Flathead, and Fingermark on the end of your line. 

For those experiences, put Ross River, Bohle River, and Bushland Beach on your list. 

Local fisherman are also tipping that if it's Giant Trevally you're chasing, Toomulla Beach is the best spot. 

If you've got little ones around take them down to Palla, or Rowes Bay for a chance to wet the line, but only on High Tide. 

Low Tide can be disappointing if you want to hook something. 



If you're taking the boat up a creek the Muddies will be a plenty, especially if we get some rain. 

The fresh rain pushes the Mud Crabs out of their holes, making it easier for you to catch them. 

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