Special RAAF Training Happening On Wednesday Arvo


Special RAAF Training Happening On Wednesday Arvo DefPost

Up to three EA-18G Growler aircraft will conduct diversion training into RAAF Base Townsville on Wednesday 9 May. 

This means things are going to get exciting in the skies above us.

The aircraft in training will be operating at low level in the vicinity of the base at around 2pm - 5pm this Wednesday. 

The Growlers will be carrying out instrument landing approach training and familiarisation operations. 

An Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach assists pilots to land at night or in poor weather conditions. 

The ability to land at alternate airfields is an essential part of pilot training on the Growler aircraft.

So get ready to look up and enjoy the sights!

For further information on Amberley flying activities, members of the community are encouraged to contact 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362) and ask to be connected to RAAF Base Amberley.