NQ Destinations You Can Enjoy Before School Starts

Pack your bags!

NQ Destinations You Can Enjoy Before School Starts Instagram @herwandertravel

There's only days left of the school holidays, but there is still time to have break before the hustle and bustle of Term 1. 

We're so lucky to be central to a lot of destinations that offer great scenery, views, food, and entertainment. 

Here's our suggestions on where you can get away to for a couple nights before the kids pack their school bags for 2018. 

Cardwell Spa Pools:
We're quietly confident that this has been one of the most popular spots that locals have travelled to across our warm summer. Tucked away behind 'Cardwell by the Sea' this swimming spot is the perfect reward for the lengthy road trip. It'll take you about 2.5 hours to reach the destination if you're driving from Townsville, but just wait until you see it! 


Magnetic Island: 

If you're not keen on burning fuel, this is your best option. A hop, skip, and a jump from our front door and you'll be enjoying sea breezes while the kids make sand castles on Horseshoe Bay.


Wallaman Falls: 
This is the ultimate destination for a family road trip. The highest permanent, single drop waterfall in Australia is approximately 50km west of Ingham, and offers stunning sights. You can either do a day trip to the falls from Townsville, or book some accommodation in Ingham and enjoy a weekend of Italian cuisine. 


Just a couple hours south of the city, you'll discovering crystal clear waters lapping the shores of the beautiful Bowen beaches. If you've got young ones in the family who love beach time, this is the ideal location and you can listen to the Frozen soundtrack as you make your way down the Highway!



The scenic drive to Ayr will keep the kids busy in the back seat counting cane fields. Ayr offers some amazing pub feeds and they even have a drive in theatre! If you're not big on road trips, that's ok because you'll be there in an hour flat.