Morgz & Lowey Set To Start A Cowboys 'Bikie Crew'

"We'll get jackets"

Morgz & Lowey Set To Start A Cowboys 'Bikie Crew' Harley pic courtesy of

Don't be surprised if you start seeing our Cowboys around town wearing leathers and looking a little tougher than usual. 

Following on from getting his motorbike licence last week, NRL star Michael Morgan has joked that he might start a bikie crew. 

Chatting with Cliffo & Gabi today the soon-to-be groom told us that he recently did the course with Justin O'Neill and Lachlan Coote. 

"There's a few boys now looking online to buy a bike so there might be a bit of a bikie crew," Morgz told Cliffo & Gabi. 

The former Iggy Park boy promised he'd ride safely and sensibly when on the bike, but fellow Cowboy Ethan Lowe was quick to jump into the conversation adding...

"Or just do a Morgo and put it in the shed and don't use it."

Morgz is hoping one day his Dad will hand over his much loved Harley, and maybe by then the jackets will have arrived...

"Once we get a decent sized motorbike crew, we'll get some jackets done up," says Morgz. 

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