How To Get The Perfect 'Firework Photo' To Welcome 2018

Here's our tips!

How To Get The Perfect 'Firework Photo' To Welcome 2018

2018 is just around the corner, but before the fireworks light up the sky to farewell 2017, make sure you're ready to get the PERFECT snap for Insta. 

With fireworks, comes some serious photographic challenges, so we’ve put together a list of top tips, to make your New Year photos go off with a bang!

1: Tripod

Because of the darkness, a longer exposure is gonna be important. This means that any camera movement is gonna be very noticeable. The easiest way to control this is with a tripod.

2: Framing

Because of that longer exposure, you want to frame your pic a little in advance. Instead of just pointing and shooting, instead think about the photo you wanna take before hand. Line up where the firework will be. Frame the shot in advance. Then fire away.

3: Exposure

Photographic bright lights in the dark is tricky, so getting the exposure right is key. Most digital cameras will have a “Bulb” mode. With this on, you should be able to half take the photo, opening the shutter and keeping the exposure going until you fully press down.

Open the shutter before the firework goes off, this will capture the full movement of the firework as it goes off. Finish the photograph mid firework, to stop it from becoming over-exposed.

4: Flash- Off

Make sure that flash is off. A flash won’t illuminate the fireworks any better. They are their own flash. All it will do is illuminate the foreground, which generally isn’t what you want, and it can trick the camera into thinking you want a shorter exposure time. 

5: Just for Iphone

If your more of a casual photographer and are just shooting on your phone, you can still use some of these tricks. Definitely try to secure your phone with a tripod or solid surface. New OSX has an exposure which you can extend.

Also make sure your phone is switched to HDR for high def pics. To increase your chances of capturing a great moment, turn “Burst Mode” on. This captures multiple images within a few seconds.

Be aware, HDR and Burst both take up a lot of memory, so clear some space in advance, so you’re not stuck deleting apps mid shoot.

Enjoy and Happy Snapping!

Fireworks will be on at:
Nelly Bay- 9pm 
Riverway- 9pm 
Strand Park- 9pm & Midnight