Clever Ways To Hide Your Valuables So No One Will Ever Find Them

Top secret.

Clever Ways To Hide Your Valuables So No One Will Ever Find Them

Whether you're stashing a wad of cash away from burglars, keeping secret documents away from a spy (because you're SO double agent like that) or don't want your family member to find your diary, there is a fair share of spots in your house that are more obvious than others. 

Gone are the days where you can hide it under your mattress, behind the toilet or at the bottom on your sock draw and expect it to be there for long. 

We've teamed up with our friends Blinds For You to show you how to cleverly hide your stuff out of plain sight. 



1. Someone may rip the house a part, but chances are they're not going into your freezer. And if they do, they're not going to unwrap every piece of food. Wrap your secret business in aluminium foil and pop it in the back of the freezer. Sneaky, sneaky! 

2. Slip your private business between the cardboard of a picture frame and the picture. Generally people will look behind a picture, but not inside it. 

3. Even if someone wanted to go through a plant, they're not going to bury through it to find something. It's too messy and it's very unlikely something out of the ordinary will be in there (or will there...)

4. A kids room. There's something so innocent about the room that surely nothing could be hidden in there, right? People on the hunt tend to bypass this spot all together. Plus, there's so many tiny hidden toys that will get lost in the mess that you can secretly plant your business in. 

5. A small container in the pantry. Any kind would do; from an asprin bottle to an old soup can. Similar to the freezer - while they may go in there, it's very unlikely they'll go through every tin can to find something. 

6. Do you have a home library? Or a full book shelf? Hide your belonging inside one of the pages of one of your many books. No one will suspect a thing. Just don't put them in DVDs - it's way too obvious. 

While these sneaky tips might hide many things, nothing protects and hides your home quite like the state-of-the-art blinds and shutters from Blinds For You. Supplying and installing quality blinds in your home today.