A Townsville Man Has Turned A $15 Scratchie Into Millions


A Townsville Man Has Turned A $15 Scratchie Into Millions Twitter @the_Lott

One Townsville man is all smiles at the moment thanks to a Sratchie! 

We've all received a Scratchie, and sometimes we've done the sneaky trick of using the winnings to get ANOTHER ONE! 


Doing exactly that, is what scored the local bloke a stack of cash! 

Using the original winnings, the now millionaire purchased a $15 Live the Life Platinum Instant Scratch-Its ticket.


Grab a tissue before you read this next bit....he has scored $5,000 a week for the next five years!! 

The winning ticket was purchased from News on the Avenues, 85 Burnda Street, Kirwan.
“I went back into the outlet straight away and said to the lady there ‘Can you please check this for me and tell me it’s real? I just can’t believe this!’
“I had to look at the ticket twice and pinch myself! I just couldn’t believe what was happening.  
“I was very shocked at first – I had the shakes. I didn’t sleep last night – my mind was just ticking like crazy."
The Townsville man revealed his plans for his instant win, which involves buying a house and spending his days fishing.


“After winning I called my boss straight away and said that I had won some money and I wouldn’t be in tomorrow,” he laughed.
“I told him I was going to step back a bit and do some casual work instead. He was supportive though and happy for me!
“I want to buy myself a big boat and spend my days fishing and crabbing! That’s the life."