10 Fashion Mistakes You DON'T Want To Make At The Townsville Races

Take our tips!

10 Fashion Mistakes You DON'T Want To Make At The Townsville Races Pinterest

The Tribe is the newest experience coming to the Townsville races this year, offering a DJ, henna artist, flower crown station and more! #wecantwait 


We want you to enjoy your day at The Tribe on July 28 with no fashion worries, so have a browse of the below and get yourself ready for the Townsville Mater Cup! 

1.BOOTY | we know you've been hitting the gym to grow your glutes, but keep your cheeky cheeks well covered on race day. If you want to be super traditional, aim for a dress that is at least finger tip length. 

2. BOOBS | Bras were invented to support the breasts, and keep them in place. Secure your load, before leaving the house. 

3. TAN | Go for it! But remember no #filter can take you from carrot to cute in your Insta posts. 


4. DENIM | Don't. Just don't. 

5. AFTER PARTY | Go you good thing! But pack your party dress in the car to change into. Dress for the occasion ;)


6. SHOELESS | Totally ok, once you're in the taxi. You just don't know what could be on the ground! 

7. STRAPLESS | You don't want your apples to roll out of the bag! So avoid strapless numbers for race day. 

8. STILETTOS | Stillet-NOs. These beasts will have your toes throbbing before you finish your #racesready selfies. ALSO- you'll probably just sink into the grass at the Turf Club anyway. 

9. UNDERGARMENTS | Have a dress rehearsal at home and make sure you've got the right tools for the job. Make sure you've got no 'awks, I can see your knickers through that' stuff going on. 


Now that you've got those tips, you're all set to grab your tickets to The Tribe (the newest experience at the Mater Townsville Cup on July 28- we'll see you there!)


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