Spring Racing Fashion Tips

Looking the part for the races

Spring Racing Fashion Tips Jaguar MENA//flickr//http://bit.ly/2yCxWwY

Spring is the time to shake off that fur and get out of winter hibernation, and what better way to enjoy this new found sunshine than with friends at the races!



To help get you sorted for the most important facet of the race, which is clearly the fashion, we’ve compiled a list of tried and tested tips.

Fascinators are out

Fashion headwear remains the must have accessory to ensure that you look the part.

However, fascinators are out.



You wear them once, you store them and then you forget them until you move house.

Skip the tradition and instead head straight for styles that are going to get you noticed.

Large artisan hats, bows, and berets…oh my!

There accessories will not only compliment your outfit, but are pieces that you can wear all year round, so that you'll even save yourself a pretty penny!

Unless you’re heading to the Royal Ascot, where all headpieces need to be at least 10cm wide in diameter, then why not wear a fashionable hat?



Comfortable heels

Long gone are the days where stilettos were the number one dress shoe to wear.



There was nothing worse than walking trackside all day in uncomfortable shoes on grass that swallows your heels.

To avoid the all-consuming thoughts of how much your feet ache, opt for a pair of open toed sandals or wedges.

If you’re set on wearing shoes that will give you some height, invest in a pair of thick heels that your feet will thank you for.



Colours, colours and more colours… and even some texture

The races are the perfect time to experiment with bright or pastel colours without looking out of place.

To add even more of a wow factor to our outfit, don’t be afraid to add texture or layers to your ensemble… lace and ruffles are the go to look.


With the right combination of colours and textures, you’ll be turning so many heads that they’re going to need a chiropractor (*insert awkward dad laugh*)

The great thing about fashion is that you can show off your personality without even saying a word.




Jumpsuits can be the key to effortless style that will still adhere to strict race dress code if teamed with the right accessories.


Try donning a jumpsuit that will save you in times of windy weather, and then partner with some bold accessories to complete your look… think bold clutches and jewellery.

If you’re worried that a jumpsuit appears too simple, don’t. With the right amount of bling, you’ll be able to shake what your mamma gave you with the freedom to get as low as Flo Rider ultimately intended.




If you’re like me your hair can either be your best friend or your biggest nightmare. There is no in between.



Think about checking the weather forecast before race day to make the best decision for you and your outfit.

To save you from constantly battling the elements trackside, opt for a simple ponytail or a try your hand at a classy bun.


If you’re set on letting your hair down (quite literally), then aim for a simple look to avoid taking too much attention away from your gorgeous headwear.