Ranking Fries from 1-5!

This is making us hungry..

Ranking Fries from 1-5!

They are often perceived as a sidekick snack to a burger or main meal but without them we would certainly be lost!

Before we begin we have a few ground rules on this ranking; this is just a discussion judging fluffiness, crunch and personal preference... condiments not included (because that would be bias). Long story short we are only talking about the potatoes/ vegetables...

5. Zeus Street Greek

Haloumi Chips are next level amazing!

4. Oporto

These are always lightly seasoned, with the crunch you can hear at the end of the chip when you bite into them!

3. Grill'd

The Chips Share Plate of chunky Famous Grill'd Chips, Zucchini Chips and Sweet Potato Chips literally has us thinking of ordering them NOW! (++ they are all GF, DF, V)

2. KFC

The Shannon Noll of fries! Everyone loves them, everyone always will say 'YES' if someone offers them one, but for some reason they still get pipped to the post when it comes to competing for number 1# position.

1. McDonald's

The golden arches, a favourite from your childhood, always consistent, always fresh, always crunchy... but not too crunchy. And some how we never feel full when we are eating them. That's why they have come in at number 1!



(Disclaimer: this was not sponsored in any way)