It Doesn't have to be the end of Plastic Free July!

10 Tips to stay plastic free!

It Doesn't have to be the end of Plastic Free July!

With only one week left of July, comes the end of an important challenge… Plastic Free July. The initiative aims to encourage individuals to ditch the plastic and create a cleaner world for the next generation…

Now you might think, ‘creating a cleaner world for the next generation will not benefit me in the slightest…” However, we encourage you to think of your Great Grandkids!

The overuse of plastic is an important issue that needs to be addressed not only in July but every day! That’s why we have created a list of 10 easy steps to avoid plastic and make your transition into a plastic free life after July that little bit easier!

  1. Carry re-usable shopping bags rather than purchasing the 15c plastic option at both Coles and Woolworths.
  2. Give up bottles water and buy a stainless-steel drink bottle.
  3. Say ‘no’ to a takeaway cup and invest in a keep cup.
  4. Buy reusable containers for your lunches and leftovers.
  5. Say ‘no’ to straws! And purchase a glass and/or stainless-steel drinking straw
  6. Try to buy products that aren’t wrapped in paper. An alternative option would be shopping at a whole foods store.
  7. Choose reusable cloth and sandwich snack bags.
  8. When travelling on a plane, bring your own headphones so you don’t need to borrow the plastic option that is instantly thrown out after use.
  9. Request to have no plastic packaging when ordering goods online
  10. When ordering ice cream, say yes to a cone! Not only are they tasty but you’re saying no to a plastic lined container and spoon!

Living plastic free can be difficult! But your Great Grandchildren will thank you!