Best Burgers in Newcastle!

Including where to score a $5 burger

Best Burgers in Newcastle!

Whether you've had a big Saturday night, or you're just planning on having a cheat day...

we're here to fill you in on where you can find the best burgers in Newy! 


Where: 1/266 King St Newcastle

If you're a first time visitor to Rascal, Don't go past 'The Rascal', a classic cheeseburger full of flavor and fresh ingredients... those buns though!

Chicken lovers – look no further than ‘Marty McFly’

They also do a burger of the week each week, so you might become a repeat offender... do not forget a side of fries with Rascal salt!




Where: 1/65 Stewart Ave, Hamilton South

Eight Bulls is classic takeaway burgers… on steroids!

If you’re into your burgers served up quick, no fuss, and deliciously greasy, then this is your place.

Their Black Menu is not for the faint hearted, with burgers such as “F” me up Fam, and Holy Schnit – size matters!




Where: 459 Hunter Street, Newcastle |  Inside the Junkyard (Grand Junction Hotel) at 88 Church Street, Maitland (Pop Up)

The best part about Newy Burger Co… $12 burgers… with the exception of ‘The Pasha Bulker’, but let me tell you, it’s worth it… triple patty, triple cheese… triple enjoyment!

If you’re more on the sweet side you’ve got to try their milkshakes, and doughies, and ice cream burger... ok you might need a second stomach!




Where: 125 Denison St, Hamilton

At Goodtime Burgers, it’s all about height! My fav is the Royale w/ cheese, and the best part about all of them… is the little surprise on top!

If you’re on a budget, wait until Wednesday for the $5 burger special, or if you’re craving it any other day, grab yourself the Man vs. Burger… finish it in 8 minute or less and your burger is free!