Hobart laneway will transform into a work of art next week

But why?

Hobart laneway will transform into a work of art next week

Hobart is about to make a vibrant transformation.

Bidenscopes Lane will get a colourful face lift from next week when the Vibrance Festival rolls into town between 19 and 25 February.

A 20 person street artist army from across the country will descend on the laneway across 7 days, to paint it from top to bottom and turn concrete walls into works of art. 

Bidencopes Lane, located off Murray Street, is known as a graffiti hotspot.

It's been chosen as the site for the 2018 festival in an effort to deter tagging and bring life to one of Hobart’s most prominent laneways.

The week long event will include a daily line up of fun, where you'll be guaranteed good food, drinks, a public paint wall (YES!), art and craft stalls and epic performances by local artists. 

On Friday and Saturday night the team will throw Hobart's most colourful street party to celebrate the hard work of the artists and their support team.

Need the full line up? You're welcome... 

Vibrance Festival will take part on the following dates:

Monday 19 February: 11am-10pm 
Tuesday 20 February: 11am-10pm 
Wednesday 21 February: 11am-12am
Thursday 22 February: 11am-12am 
Friday 23 February: 11am-2am (ticketed after 6pm)
Saturday 24 February: 11am-2am (ticketed after 5pm)
Sunday 25 February: 11am-6pm.

Events you can't miss: 

Outdoor Graffiti Film Night – 8pm Wednesday 21 February.

Street Art Tours – Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February.

Mini Thylazine Fair – Sunday 25 February.

Public Spray Paint Wall – Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February.

Pop-up CUCKoO Artisan Twilight Market – Thursday 22 February.

Musical program – Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 February.

More details on how to book here