Where to get the most delicious loaded fries on the Gold Coast

You'll never want normal fries again

Where to get the most delicious loaded fries on the Gold Coast Lester & Earl
House of Brews

Want to taste a range of delicious flavours in your loaded fries? Then head to House of Brews in Surfers Paradise! Their Tijuana Street Fries comes with Mexican beef, melted cheese, sour cream, salsa and fries guacamole. Or, try their Kiwi Loaded Fries, which are sweet potato fries topped with pulled slow cooked lamb shoulder, melted cheese, gravy and a fried egg on top. Mouth-watering good!

Brooklyn Depot

Your one-stop-shop for American cuisine, Brooklyn Depot has a couple of crazy good loaded fries options on their menu - Garbage fries: bacon, onion ring snippets, cheese and frickles (fried pickles), Beef chilli cheese fries or cheese & gravy fries. The best part is that they're only $8! BARGAIN!

The Collective Palm Beach

If you're looking for some loaded fries to accompany a meal or, just for your main, The Collective Palm Beach has a couple of satisfying and equally tasty choices. Their Loaded Fries has maple pork, crispy bacon, cheese and special sauce, while their Spicy Loaded Fries comes with pulled pork, cheese sauce, jalapeno mayo and jalapenos - now, that's a hit of spice!

Easy Street Diner

Devour some loaded fries while waiting for a burger at Easy Street Diner in Mermaid Beach! Their Loaded Fries comes with pork belly, bacon, special sauce and cheese - sounds like a pretty decent starter! Plus, they have cajun fries and truffle fries so...who's really winning here?

Lester & Earl

Loaded fries have never been so accessible, and at Lester & Earl you have FOUR options to choose from! First off, there's 'Cheesy' with famous triple cheese sauce, 'Porky' has BBQ pulled pork & triple cheese sauce, 'Texas' is with house chilli & triple cheese sauce and 'Shroom' fries & triple cheese sauce. Don't know where to start? Order them all!


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