The Best of the GC's Up & Coming


The Gold Coast is home to some insanely talented songwriters and musicians, some of which are still playing exhausted covers to a crowd of passers-by on the street.

But you won't find the boys from Sunset City collecting their coin from an upside down hat at a bus stop - rather catching them at the Gold Coast's biggest music festivals and pre-game shows, performing to crowds of up to 20,000 people. 

You could call them Australia's own Maroon 5, with their upbeat pop/rock debut Neon proving to be the perfect soundtrack for a never-ending Summer.

Having formed just over a year ago, these guys have quickly become a big deal here on the GC music scene - so we caught up with guitarist Matt Scully to give us a bit of insight on how Sunset City came to be and what we can expect from the band in the coming months!


Sunset City




How did you first get together as a band?

Myself and Parker Rose were originally working on a duo arrangement including acoustic covers of popular songs with some originals thrown in. As it progressed Rob Johnson met up with us for a jam session, as Rob and I are housemates. The music gelled instantly with all of us and it was there that we decided we should expand the group. Rob happened to know a drummer that used to work with his dad doing the country music circuit, received his number, gave him a call and with the addition of the newest member and drummer, Brady Parsons - that is how sunset city formed!

Where did the name Sunset City come from?

After literally hours of trying to come up with a name and filtering all the bad, funny, rude and downright gross ones out we had the word City thrown around a couple of times. To add to that we came up with a lot of adjectives to suit and eventually hit 'Sunset'. Everyone was happy so 'Sunset City' was officially a thing!

Do you have a favourite place on the GC to jam?

A favourite place to jam would have to be our own rehearsal space, Freakquency studios, in Burleigh. We have optimised it for our sound.

Do you have a favourite venue on the GC to gig?

A favourite place to gig would have to be one of most recent ones. Suncorp Stadium without a doubt, performing in front of some 20,000 is always an incredible experience for anyone.

Has the Gold Coast inspired your music? 

There's not too much support on the Gold Coast for pop music or live music in general. The platforms just aren't here for bands to showcase their material on a grand scale, so our inspiration has mainly derived from American Pop Music. The way the Americans do it is really on another level.

What artists have inspired your sound?

We try to focus on creating our own sound, but it has been likened to that of a combination between Maroon 5 and DNCE.

What's next for Sunset City?

The next step is Varsity Winter Fest, the first performance was great! Whenever you have a massive crowd packed inside a venue, it's always fun to entertain! It's more personal. Then, We're playing again on the 5th of August so if mark it on the calendars! We are also working on a another song as we speak, we are really proud and excited and can't wait to show you what we've been working on. If you want to be the first to check it out, jump on our social media pages.

Listen to Sunset City here:

Their debut EP Neon is available on iTunes, & for streaming on Spotify, but you can see the band LIVE for at Varsity Winterfest Live at the Lake this Friday 5th August - don't miss out!

Watch this space to learn more about the GC music scene & the incredible talent we have living just around the corner! #thisisgoldcoast