This Is How A 9-Year-Old Gold Coast Girl Started A Makeup Business

Glitter, glitter EVERYWHERE!

This Is How A 9-Year-Old Gold Coast Girl Started A Makeup Business

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear that a 9-year-old girl built a makeup business is 'how?'

Glitter Girl was launched in October 2017 after Gold Coast couple, Megan & Adam Rizzo, found that their 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, had a pretty epic idea for a business. Whilst floating in the sparkling blue water of Ohau, Hawaii, their daughter came up with a concept of a store that was magical. A store that sold all things makeup, glitter & unicorns.


After launching the business online late last year, the response has been overwhelming. The company have been sending their products to all corners of Australia, such as Far North QLD, Darwin, Perth, suburbs of Adelaide and more. 

They have also secured a beauty salon in Tamworth as a stockist, where the demand for product is high. There are five retail outlets in total selling the glitter-filled products to their customers.

On the media front, beauty bloggers and online influencers have jumped on board, getting their hands on Glitter Girl products. Drag artists in Sydney and cheer performance clubs around the country have been raving about the quality and staying power of the products. 


In just 5 months, Glitter Girls have had to employ staff to manage order levels, which has seen Sophia's parents jobs in Real Estate & Photography put to the side in order to concentrate on their new booming business. 

Operated out of her mother's photography studio on the Gold Coast, Glitter Girl is helping glitter, rainbow and unicorn lovers be that extra bit magical!

Want to try them for yourself? You can check out their out-of-this-world products on their website:

“Spread happiness, one speck of glitter at a time”