The most Aussie things to do on Australia Day


The most Aussie things to do on Australia Day

Australia Day is a day where we celebrate the amazing country we live in, but really, we just LOVE a public holiday and will take any excuse to let our hair down (amirite?!). 

We've compiled a list of the most Aussie things to do on Australia Day! A list of things we're all guilty of, but are totally accepted if it's the 26th of January. 


  1. Cover your entire face & body with temporary tattoos from the $2 shop. (most likely make the mistake of forgetting to remove the plastic sheet on at least one)

  2. Ensure the “2 before 10 or 10 before 2” rule is implemented and strictly followed

  3. Blast Daryl Braithwaite ‘Horses’ on repeat

  4. Once sick of Daryl Braithwaite ‘Horses’ (is that even possible?!), chuck on ‘Drive’ by Shannon Noll and scream it at the top of your lungs

  5. In true Nollsey style – do a shooey

  6. Put some shrimp on the barby

  7. Wear an Aussie flag as a cape

  8. Partake in a:
    1. Slip & Slide
    2. Game of beer pong
    3. Game of backyard cricket
    4. All of the above

  9. Refer to Australia as “Straya” in all instances

If we missed any "True Blue" aussie-ism's, let us know in the Facebook comments! 

Have a fun this Australia Day & stay safe!