Now here's a trip down memory lane

Bad things I ate as a kid on Mondays

Now here's a trip down memory lane

Ah, Monday. The one day of the week designed specifically to make you suffer. At least grown-up you can self-medicate with Netflix and your fave comfort foods.

But what about poor childhood you? No such luck! You were totally at the whim of your parents, who seemed to be in league with the Boiled Broccoli Brigade led by Captain Overcooked Carrot.

If only Zambrero had been there to save us. Y’see, they put on quite the Monday deal for kids, who eat FREE. Yep, ankle biters eat free on Mondays. And aren’t we just so happy for them….

To celebrate the better deal that today’s kids have scored, let’s take a retrospective on our miserable childhood Monday foods, in a little collection we like to call Horrible Stuff You Had to Eat Because Your Parents Made You. Bon Appetit.


  1. Cabbage

Sure you love it now, sautéed and served next to your pan seared salmon. Back in the day, however, it was boiled within an inch of its life and slopped on your plate like a seal that had given up.


  1. Canned fish

A mystery for the ages… why was it always so dry? It literally comes in its own soup yet, somehow, you’d always choke on its dry flakes. Special condolences to anyone whose parents were sardine fans.


  1. Spinach

Not even Popeye could save the optics on this. A cluster of all things dense, bitter and stringy. Oh, and those special times when it wasn’t washed properly, with little surprise gritty bits. Good times.


  1. Crusts

Now, this is a real divider. Much like our beloved Vegemite, you either loved or hated crusts. But we weren’t fools – we KNEW that crust eating would lead to unruly curly hair. It’s just science.  


  1. Meatloaf

No. Just… no.


This trip down memory lane was brought to you by Zambrero, who want to save today’s kids from miserable Monday foods. Kids, take your grown up to Zambrero’s on Mondays and you eat for free.