One word that all of the Goldie knows instantly..

Take a bite out of Dracula’s!

One word that all of the Goldie knows instantly..

Zombies? Yawn.

Werewoles? Snore.

Casper? Yeah… nah….

There’s a reason vampires are the hottest of the supernatural bunch. All that thrilling, sexy danger wrapped up in one damn fine package. Vampires – we can’t get enough. And, lucky for us, we can get our vampiric fix right here on the GC at…



One word and all the Goldie knows it instantly. Dracula’s have pumped pulses and thrilled audiences for over 30 years. And, boy – have they got it down to a fine art. Being such a familiar landmark, it’s easy to forget the grade-A talent and full on fun that makes a night out at Dracula’s. They’re in a class all their own. There’s nothing around town that’ll blow your hair back quite like this.

Right now, they’re serving it UP with their latest show, Terrorbyte.  It’s what happens when the eternally damned let rip to a killer soundtrack, push you to the edge of your seat then drag you down with them. It’s the show made up of all the things that terrify you, but in that special kind of way so you don’t mind the screaming…

Be seduced. Be wowed. Be there.

Don’t miss Terrorbyte at Dracula’s, where vampires go viral.