Kmart is set to release the most adorable Spring range

What can't this store do?!

Kmart is set to release the most adorable Spring range

Spring is finally here, so what better excuse to have a spring clean of the ol' wardrobe?

As the season's change, you realise that some of your clothes just aren't good enough anymore.

Some of them are too tight, other things are too loose... it's never ending.

This is where our trusty Kmart comes in!

We are usually losing our marbles over their latest homewares range, but this season, they're giving us another reason to head in store. 

We've been given a sneak peak into the STUNNING spring fashion through their Instagram Stories:

They've stepped up their fashion game and it looks like they're bringing in all of the latest trends this spring! 

 Including a Disney Australia range that will blow your mind:


Even your dogs can be cute this spring with this $4 dog tutu

But you may have to hold your horses, they'll release all these pieces slowly, but surely.

In the meantime, here are some threads already in store: 


We love you Kmart!