Where to find the best Poke Bowls on the Gold Coast

Okie poke!

Where to find the best Poke Bowls on the Gold Coast Poké Poké & Caffeine Kings

Poke Bowls have taken Australia (and the world, tbh) by storm as of late, with poke-dedicated hotspots popping up all over the place. If you have no idea what a poke bowl is, it's actually Hawaiian cuisine! A raw fish salad generally served as an appetiser and it's pretty damn good. So, it's time to get on the poke train and do like the Hawaiians do! Here's where you can find them on the Gold Coast:

Aloha Bar & Dining

Aloha Bar & Dining in Broadbeach has a pretty delicious menu and that includes Poke Bowls! Choose between classic or with spicy aioli and dig in to a salmon, tuna, eggplant & tofu or sous vide chicken! It's sure going to fill you up, deliver amazing flavours and, you can get them Wednesday-Sunday for the perfect weekend dinner! 

Caffeine Kings

Head to Miami for a tasty poke bowl! Their bowls contain raw local caught salmon, edamame, cucumber, picked radish, warm brown rice, bean sprout and a crispy shallot mix. But, if you're looking for something different, then you definitely need to try their breakfast poke! Poached eggs, mushroom, fried kale, avocado, edamame and sprouts on warm brown rice with Japanese Hollandaise - yuuuuuum!

Poké Poké 

You'd have to be mad to not hit up the place that is dedicated to too-good-to-be-true poke bowls! Try their 'The hulk', with chimmichurri rice, tofu, pumpkin, zoodles, kale crisps, beetroot curls & cauliflower. Want something a bit more meaty? Check out their 'Pow pow chicken karaage' where you can enjoy cos lettuce corn salsa, pickled cabbage, carrot, sesame dressing, brown rice and wasabi mayo with none other than chicken karaage! Which sounds like a pretty good time to me!


For an impressive Hawaiian Poke Bowl, head to Sandbar in Surfers Paradise! Choose from three different styles - sashimi tuna, snapper or kingfish, all coming with an explosion of flavours and accompanied by fresh edamame, salad and your choice of a red rice or quinoa base.  They're available from 12pm-4pm, so make sure you go at prime time!