Check out the Halloween drink that's 'shaking' up the Coast

One fake spider at a time.

Check out the Halloween drink that's 'shaking' up the Coast

It seems Halloween on the Gold Coast keeps getting bigger and spookier each year. 

Not only are the costume options scarily life-like, but our favorite cafes are jumping on board and giving a whole new meaning to "spider shakes". 

Guilty Café being one of them.

Their Halloween Themed Milkshake made available on the menu just this week, is a orange, black and white chocolate explosion. 


What's in it?

It's a chocolate milkshake with orange and black M&M's around the rim, chocolate spider webs, sprinkled with candy corn, lolly sticks and a sour strap. All topped off with a chocolate spooky cupcake.

So, how does it taste?

Definitely chocolately, but also sour and sweet. So you get a bit of everything.

- Andres Campbell, Guilty Cafe Owner

The Guilty Cafe team say it took some time to get the look of it just right. 

"We trialled it with a bunch of orange, black and white candy and it wasn't looking great. So, our barista made the cupcakes with a scary face on it, and then it made a HUGE difference."

- Andres Campbell, Guilty Cafe Owner

It hit the menu just this week and is expected to be a popular item for the remainder of October.

And they're not the only ones. Other foodies have caught wind, introducing their own spooky drinks and desserts ahead of the Halloween weekend. 

Cowch, Pacific Fair


What is it?

For dessert...

Black Waffle with charcoal mint ice cream comes with a straw berry coulis and some Halloween sweets a.k.a. eye balls, fangs, sour spiders.

To drink... 

Charcol lychee martini with melting fairy floss and a sour spider. When it's served to patrons, they're asked to push the spider into the fairy floss where you can watch it dissolve before your eyes! 

Steampunk, Surfers Paradise


What is it?

IT: white chocolate, grand marnier, champagne syrup and strawberry with a side of helium, clowning and fear.

Black Widow: absolut vanilla alpine violet blossom, licor 43, honeycomb syrup, citric acid with the addition of devil juice and cobwebs.

Gravedigger: Melon Liqueur, Apple Juice, Lychee Liqueur, Lillet Rosé and lemon with creepy critters and eyeballs.

Definitely not for the lac-GHOST intolerant.