20 signs your Gold Coast friend is turning into a social influencer


20 signs your Gold Coast friend is turning into a social influencer

You've been best friends for 17 years. You're inseparable! Thick as thieves! You've stood by each other through the high school breakups, the highs, the lows...

Nothing can tear you a part. 

Except, maybe, social media. 


Here are 20 clear signs that your Gold Coast friend may be turning into or already is a social influencer. 

1. They've changed their bio from regular normal person to Public figure and now have a management email “for all enquiries”.

2. They have a teeth whitening sponsor

3. They have a protein powder sponsor

4. The not-so-subtle product placement is now more prominent. E.g tagging every brand for every item of clothing including their underwear. 

5. Their Instastory is dedicated to thanking companies for sending them stuff


6. They start asking you to be +1 to exclusive events, which is cool, but you’re clearly there to take photos.

7. Random foreign guys are tagging weird random foreign things on their photos 

8. You see their ass more than there face on their page


9. You don’t see them without make up anymore. Come on, I've never seen you wake up like that?!

10. Drunk people start coming up to them at clubs and tell them they recognise them / ask if they can get a photo. 

11. Their photos start being more strategically planned. Like, excel spreadsheet planned. 


12. One day they uploaded a photo that you took of them 6 months ago. 

13. They bank up their travel pics to spread out over the next few months. 

14. No photo goes up unfiltered. Ever. How could you even think of such a thing?  

15. They reschedule your plans at least twice a week to hang out with other social influencers who have at least 50K+ followers. 


16. When you do finally catch up, your activities are planned for Instagram rather than what you actually want to do. 

17. They travel more often and always geo-tag where they are staying. 

18. They start talking about some start-up company they want to do (health and fitness, fashion, swimwear) any or all of them would work

19. Travelling and wanderlust becomes a part of their mantra

20. They appear not to have job. 


Geez, this #instafamous life is tough. Not for me. Nope. Never. 

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