Where To Get Laser Hair Removal On The GC

Silky smooth like a dolphin

Where To Get Laser Hair Removal On The GC

You know that amaaazing feeling when you've just shaved your legs and you slip into your sheets and you feel like a smooth, silky, majestic dolphin? Well imagine having that feeling without the need to shave your entire body once a week! I know, it sounds like actual heaven. 


Luckily, there's this magical treatment called laser hair removal that can rid of the hair FOREV-well, not forever, but for a decent amount of time. I started my own laser hair journey last year and it's safe to say I am thoroughly impressed with my results. So, to help you achieve smoothness to rival a dolphin, I've listed where you can get laser hair removal right here on the GC!

Laser Clinics Australia

If you're looking for great results at a cheap price point, you'll need to check out Laser Clinics Australia. They constantly have promotions and great deals on their laser hair removal treatments. Such as $36 for a brazilian session, $30 for underarms and $120 for full legs.
Please note: These prices are at time of publication. 

Location: Multiple locaitons

The Layt Clinic

Dr Layt from The Layt Clinic Southport offers a range of surgical and non-surgical services, with one of them being laser hair removal. The Layt Clinic can help you reduce unwanted hair with their state-of-the-art laser procedures. You'll be in and out in no time! 

Location: 16 Harvest Court, Southport

Clearskincare Clinics

Clearkskincare Clinics have a free consultation service when it comes to laser hair removal. This is where they assess the area you'd like treated and explain the process to you. There are so many areas you can target and there's plenty of options for men too! 

Location: Multiple

Australian Skin Clinics

If getting in the shower to shave or booking a painful waxing appointment is just too much of a hassle, you'll be happy to know Australian Skin Clinics can have you on your way to soft, hairless skin with their range of laser hair removal treatments! P.S. At time of publication they're having 21 deals over 21 days to celebrate their birthday! Aka: the perfect time to book in! 

Location: Multiple locations

Oo La La Cosmetics

An amazing thing about laser hair removal is how quick it is! You can pop in during your lunch break and be out within 5 minutes, it's too good! At Oo La La Cosmetics, you can do just that and know you're in safe hands with their certified Laser Technician and medical grade lasers. 

Location: 23 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise