What To Wear To A Hawaiian-Themed Party


What To Wear To A Hawaiian-Themed Party

Do you know what's better than going to a Hawaiian-themed party? Going to Hawaii! If you've been lucky enough to win tickets to our Ha-Why-Am-I-Still-Single party, you instantly have the chance to win a TRIP TO HAWAII! You never know, your first date with the person of your dreams at McLarens Landing Beach Bar can be fast-tracked to a second date on the beach in Waikiki. Yep, it could escalate THAT quickly. 

Now, you might be wondering what the heck you're going to wear to such a party? Consider me your fairy godmother because I have come up with a list of outfits to channel your inner island girl.

100% Hawaiian

So, this is your first Hawaiian-themed party and you have no other choice but to go ALL OUT. This means searching for the perfect outfit including a coconut bra, grass skirt and a lei - you have to look the part, right? Props to you if you use a real coconut or real grass. Well, that could end up a bit itchy and involve breaking out in some sort of grass-inflicted rash, so probably just go with the fake ones if you can. 

Island Girl Chic

If you're not up for going all out but still want to look cute for your potential date, you can easily pull off a super cute floral playsuit! Pair it with heels for a night time look, or, if you're not too well-versed in the world of high heel shoes, why not add a cute pair of white tennis shoes to finish off the look? Don't forget: lei's are a must for every single look.  

Easy Breezy 

There is one item almost every Aussie has in their wardrobe: a Hawaiian shirt. These babies are magical and are fit for just about any occasion and believe it or not, one of these occasions is a...Hawaiian party - lucky! You can wear it with a pair of shorts or a denim skirt. Neither of those tickle your fancy? Get your hands on a bigger size and make it a dress by adding a belt. 

So get your outfit sorted for the best night EVER and you'll be saying aloha in no time!